About Us

In the human body, when one part is not functioning properly, the rest may feel unwell. This applies to our personal lives – and business too! We believe the key factors which contribute to living a long, vibrant and balanced life are continued personal development, health (physical, mental, emotional), positive relationships, connection to spirituality, and financial wellness.

Our aim is to guide, encourage and inspire people to lead more well-rounded and abundant lives: personally, collectively, and professionally!


We are a resource centre that is dedicated to helping you find and create collaborative partnerships for gaining insight and awareness about healthy living. You can discover and communicate with trusted and reliable professionals through portals that we provide.

Our ambition is to guide you in directions that will inform and meet your needs. We aspire to work with you in creating authentic lifestyles through elevating consciousness, improving functional fitness, and bringing individuals together collaboratively. WellnessVie is inspired by our own personal philosophy that everyone merits spaces and opportunities to flourish by exploring personal philosophies and existing definitions.

We will aid you in your quest for whole-person vitality by developing more resources and awarenesses available in the community.

We believe that anyone can be a teacher and a leader and that by bringing people together collaboratively, we can continue to evolve and support growth in each other.

Our Vision

A connected world, where success and wellness is found
through collaboration and shared leadership.

Our Mission

Exploring and sharing techniques and practices designed
to elevate awareness and improve overall functioning in life.

Our Values


Active Listening

Crucial Conversation






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