A Life Worth Living…are your CHOICES Life-giving?

A recent quote I came across says:

“ Life begins AT THE END of your COMFORT ZONE”

…and, as well, in a recent Mindfulness Movement and Meditative Mastery class series I am conducting, we touched in upon an exercise of reflection on CREATIVITY. This spawned an exploration of what is CREATIVITY as well as what gets in the way of it.

As with most of our ‘familiar’ word usage patterns, when we hear a word like ‘creativity’ we are wont to fall into a pre-determined notion of what we believe that should or must mean. From there, too often, many people come up short with a belief such as “Oh, I am not creative, or artistic…” Whereas, nothing could be further from the truth of our authentic design. By design, we are fashioned as creative beings, no matter what!! Elizabeth Gilbert says so – LOL!!

Yes, in Big Magic, Gilbert points out that,

‘Any life that is driven more strongly by CURIOSITY than by fear’ is a life of creativity.

In a conversation with a participant from my MMM series, what our dia-logos brought us home to was a resonance with the idea that when I am free to be fully self-expressed (designing who/what I Am) – this IS creativity. This requires that a) I not live driven by my fears and b) that I allow myself to be CURIOUS and follow my curiosities.

While still a psychotherapist-in-training, one of my supervisors told me that the greatest gift I could offer my clients would be to remain curious. I would add that the greatest gift any of us, myself included, can give ourselves is to remain ALIVE with our CURIOSITIES. This means that perforce, we must leave our comfort zones…

Comfort zones are comfortable because they are familiar – even the painful ones. Here’s the thing, if it is comfortable you are not growing. However, it could also be said that there is no standing still. Therefore, if you are not growing you ARE going backwards…

Step out of the comfort zone – discover or design a new expression of you.