{Book Club} Happiness, Nov-22

"Each day, we perform the tasks of everyday life without thought or awareness — walking, sitting, working, eating, driving, and much more. But Hanh points out that if we remain truly aware of our actions, no matter the task we’re performing, we can stay engaged in our lives and better our outlook through mindfulness."

[quoted from Goodreads.com]

Join WellnessVie collaborators and KW community members in a lively, respectful and engaging evening discussing the diverse perspectives on the teachings and insights of this classic book. All opinions are welcomed. Societies thrive when communication can be open and clear. WellnessVie's vision is to offer safe and educational spaces to practice the tools and methods for effective and respectful communication!

Come out and flex your mental muscles with us, while creating a moais!


We will gather at the WellnessVie, 'Room of Interest.' 871 Victoria St North, Kitchener. CLICK HERE for the map. There is plenty of free parking, and the 204 iXpress bus runs past there regularly. We encourage people to carpool too!


If you would like to get in on the group book order to save on shipping, please contact us by Friday, OCT-5th. connect@unw.04c.myftpupload.com

You can also connect with us on Facebook with our event, and use the comments to tell us you'd like to order with us.  CLICK HERE to get to our Facebook Event.