{Collaborators’ Community Hour} Nov-3, 9:30-11:30am


Highlight Theme: How To Create a Collaborative Environment

through Social Media

Kirstie Smallman and Tim Campbell will be leading a guided exploration of the best uses for "sharing" to easily and efficiently cross-promote and support each other's business endeavours on social media.

It's all well and good for us to say, 'Ok everyone, let's collaborate!' We are also mindful that collaboration is a set of skills that many people may not fully grasp; so our intention for this community hour is to offer you education, guidance and an open forum to share and ask questions, so that you gain clearer understanding to support your use of social media personally, as well as how powerful it can be within a connected community. This event will offer other exercises on how to build the follow-through for ACTING on the energy of enthusiasm from initial starting points; how to recognize and deepen meaningful connections which already exist in our community; and some brainstorming about how we can grow our community to have a wider network and therefore a more diverse pool to draw from.


During this gathering we will be enjoying a heart and belly-warming vegetable soup, grown with local vegetables, and generously prepared by one of our lovely collaborators. It is part of WellnessVie's vision to support actions of environmental sustainability as well as personal sustainability in our various areas of business. The act of sharing a meal together is at the heart of community, and it is our intention to offer these spaces as much as possible. The on-going Community Hour gatherings will feature a similar pot-luck meal, and participants can each take a turn to share a favourite crock-pot creation! If you are planning to attend, please RSVP via email to, connect@unw.04c.myftpupload.com, so we have an accurate idea of quantity to prepare!

LOCATION: WellnessVie's Room of Interest (871 Victoria St. North, Kitchener, Ontario, N2B 3S4 - click HERE for the map).

        It is our sincere intention to grow the collaborative vision for WellnessVie through providing engaging and accessible content to all those who are willing to step into this trail blazing relationship dynamic. If this calls to you, make the time in your day and invest some time into this venture with us!