{Movement} GuiDANCE. Sunday, Nov-4, 7-9pm

The 'issues in our tissues' is the doorway to true self-knowledge, self-mastery, and ultimately, freedom. By paying close attention to your senses - reading your environment through your nerve-endings - or as I like to say in a more romantic way, SURRENDER TO YOUR SENSES, you can drop the stories that keep you limited, and courageously embrace the DANCE of YOUR LIFE!

Kirstie will lead you into yourSelf with music, movement, meditative visioning, art, and a healthy dose of intuition, to catalyze your personal growth to a much deeper, more visceral level. From this depth, the shifting "work" becomes so very simple. Within this group guiDANCE experience, you will journey to parts of yourself using your imagination, and gather more insight about an area of your life that you choose to bring as your personal focus. You will also learn a technique or two to take away with you, to keep you connected to that deep-in-your-body part of yourSelf. Do NOT come to this GuiDANCE experience if you just want to draw some pretty pictures and relax into a blissful meditation! Come only if you are READY to face your Goddess/Divine/Soul Self. This could be "trippy" and it could push some buttons. Hopping back and forth between your right and left brain hemispheres can definitely make you feel a bit "funny," since we are predominantly functioning in either the left (analytical) side or the right (creative) side. Rarely do we have opportunities to combine a more balanced use of both hemispheres simultaneously… and that is where the deep magic is! But, enough with the neuroscience!

If you want to evolve and grow personally into more of your Soul's true fulfilment, you have to MOVE with it, and be willing to BE MOVED.


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