Which lane do you choose for the quality or shape of your life?

The fast lane or the lane of intentionality and conscious choice?

I realize that the pace of life is fast and it is easy to get caught up in ‘being busy’. Why, we even make that a badge of merit sometime (often even…) as in "oh, I am so busy” - like this makes our life matter in some magical way that has importance.I believe it may be around a ‘bakers dozen’ of years since I began a practice of fitness with a very special trainer and artist: Stephanie Moore. Though that may have been about a ‘bakers dozen’ of years ago, I could say it has been a ‘lifeline and a life time’. The reason I say this is because in the intervening time since becoming acquainted with Stephanie, I have become acquainted with my body and fitness (quality of life) in an entirely new way - perhaps, in a manner of speaking, nothing short of being ‘reborn.'

In this process, I have had the joy (not without its frustrations, I might add…) of relearning what is fitness, my body, and how the body functions in its beautiful, natural and powerful design. This quality of fitness has utterly altered my quality of life. As a practicing “Guide to all things Great” - clinically trained and certified as a registered psychotherapist - my greatest gift is being able to facilitate this greatness that resides in others. All of us has it!

 “Excellence begets excellence.”:-)

                                      - JL Harrison)

I have always loved being active but I had never learned how to deeply appreciate the process from a disciplined approach that begins with honouring the body rather than the intended outcome, in that order of priority.

Being active over the years included running, skiing, yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, horseback riding, walking, cycling, and several attempts at trying to learn how to swim…oh well, forget the swimming - LOL.

Fitness with Stephanie (Stephanie Moore and KW Art of Fitness) has led me to an entirely new way of knowing: my body, myself, healing, spiritual connections, weaving my outside world into my studio workouts and vice versa - just for starters. As a practicing “Guide to all things Great,” I have come to realize how central the body, emotions, the mind are, all interconnected to a healing journey. Therefore, I have now also become certified as a Yoga Teacher and am exploring how to weave this into the healing journey for others. 

WOW! You may catch a glimpse as to why I say this is nothing short of being “reborn.” 

We currently have a class running on Saturday mornings: “Movement, Mindfulness, and Meditative Mastery.” New classes will begin in September.

Private Coaching and counselling sessions are available by appointment.


Excellence is never an accident; It is always the result of High Intention, Sincere Effort, Intelligent Direction, Skillful Execution, And the Vision to see Obstacles as Opportunities.

For this, as with all things Great, a Guide is recommended. IF I may in any way, I look forward to supporting you on your road to EXCELLENCE.

Your Guide to all things Great.