Our Registered Collaborators join together in a shared vision for a world of Joyful Well-being and Healthy longevity. We offer our products, goods, and services in support of your Best Life: personally, professionally, relationally, and financially. You CHOOSE! We share our passion collectively – many selves, many voices, one action: global evolution and transformation. We are here to serve.

Carol Glover

Creative, Curious, Effective

Writer | Blogger | Author Support | Web Design & Maintenance | Social Media Project Support | Process Improvement Read More

Carolyn Wilker

When your words count most, hire an editor.

Carolyn R. Wilker is an author, editor and storyteller from Kitchener, Ontario. She enjoys working with authors who want their writing to be the best it can be. Read More

Kirstie Smallman

Surrender to your Senses!

Kirstie guides you deeply into your senses using movement, music and a little magic, so you can relax into the tingles of your skin, the power of your muscles and the support of your bones. Your body is your home, and it is time to get comfy, cozy and nestled :-) ~ Self-Empowerment Catalyst, Nia® Practitioner, GuiDANCE Leader, Chakradance™ Facilitator, Ageless Grace Educator®, Montessori Educator ~ Read More

Kyle Rausch

The End Game Fitness

I am a health and fitness enthusiast passionate about bring people from wherever they are in their journey, one step further. Read More

Saqif Abdullah

Online Content Writer, Digital Marketer

TrendBT is all about the latest trends in business and technology mainly focusing on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality marketing co-founded in 2017 by Wilfrid Laurier University graduate Saqif Abdullah and Shuang Liang. Read More

Tim Campbell

Inspire. Create. Engage. Digital marketing made simple.

Relation Media provides digital marketing and strategy services to small businesses, charities and individuals. Relation Media is cost effective and innovative in electronic communication for smaller organizations whose mission directly or indirectly betters the human experience, guaranteeing their message is received by as many people as possible. Relation Media will be the go to innovative digital marketing consultant, trainer and manager for resource strapped organizations and individuals that would benefit from improved digital presence through flexibility, creativity and inspiration. Read More

Trumpeter’s Choice Consulting, Inc.

We are a commitment to the ongoing health and vitality growth & development, personally and professionally.

The philosophy with which Judith works comes from a deep understanding of and respect for the dignity of relationships as process. Her efficacy is further enhanced by working with an appreciation for a systems perspective as an approach to successful relationship dynamics. Communications that support this philosophy and the systems perspective is the 3rd leg on the stool. Read More

Susan McQuay

Hot stone massage/Essential Oils

Susan works with people who are interested in using natural paths to enhancing their experience of life and wellness. Read More

D1Zi Digital

We do digital differently: Digital marketing that works

D1Zi is a digital marketing agency based out of the charming old Boehmer Box Factory in downtown Kitchener Read More