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Are we for each-other?

Community & Collaboration, two words that get thrown around a lot these days. But what do they really mean? There aren’t a lot of reliable models for us to study the fine art of collaboration – at least not that are overtly stated. Often the greatest collaborations are the small, silent initiatives that you don’t even notice until the change has been made. There’s no formula; there is vision.

Perhaps the easiest way to show what these words mean to us is to articulate what we – as WellnessVie – are … and what we are not:


  • Community engagement vehicle,
  • Collaborative/co-operative space (virtual, physical, mental, and emotional),
  • A place for businesses, professionals & practitioners to meet and enhance each other’s contribution to our society,
  • Idealistic & hopeful in our belief that small actions taken by many create great change – and we take those actions.


  • Just another business/referral network,
  • A wishful thinking place
  • A group of idealistic well-wishers intent on visualizing a better community/society rather than making it happen.
Sound like what you’re seeking? GREAT!

Our Registered Collaborators join together in a shared vision for a world of joyful well-being and healthy longevity. We offer our products, good and services in support of your best life: personally, professionally, relationally and financially. You CHOOSE! We share our passion collectively – many selves, many voices, one action: global evolution and transformation. We are here to serve.

We offer three types of membership:

  1. Collaborator – Best for members who wish to expand their business by offering products, services and events to our members and the public through our platform.
  2. Affiliate – Best for members who wish to participate in the expansion of our community and all we offer without linking to a business.
  3. Subscriber – Best for members who wish to receive updates and invitations direct to your inbox.

Become a Collaborator *

Benefits & Perks: 

  1. Personality Self Assessment from The Model of Human Behaviour and 1&1/2 hours of TCC Promptings with Judith. This information has proven itself to be invaluable in support of Living better; Loving purer; Thriving longer and stronger! This model is statistically predictable for accuracy, across ages, genders, and continents. VALUE: $350.00
  2. SWAG from other members of your chosen community **
  3. A financial mapping guide
  4. Digital analytics **
  5. Free hosting and promotion of your events
  6. Video training and hosting
  7. Occasional opportunities to be professionally videotaped. ** This will not only be hosted on the WV website but will be available for your own re-purposing.
  8. Access to archived professional training & personal growth and development materials
  9. SEO optimization of your own website and/or a very easy, affordable web presence in lieu of one of your own. **
  10. Up to 20% discounts on workshops and retreats.
  11. Assistance with initial loading of your profile.
  12. Monthly Community Hours
  13. Affiliation with a designated charity – the People’s Choice: members get to have a say in this choice – reviewed annually.

Investment: $459.00/annual membership fee

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Become an Affiliate *

Benefits & Perks: 

  1. Monthly Community Hours; these include intentional, focused personal and professional growth and development
  2. Participating in Intentional Community; Community defined as being: supportive in both giving and receiving; unifying; capable of disagreements, accepting and respecting differences, shared vision, nested nature
  3. Notification of, and Access to various WV initiated interest groups (Outdoor Adventures; monthly Book Discussion)
  4. Discounts on designated, organized WV events
  5. Structured learning inside strategic, supportive environments
  6. Recognition of and networking as an ‘affiliate’ member

Investment: $65.00/annual membership fee

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Become a Subscriber

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How to become a Wellness Vie Collaborator or Affiliate

Becoming a Collaborator in the Wellness Vie community is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 – 4

  1. Click “Apply Here” and complete the short form to let us know you’re interested.
  2. One of our team members will review your responses and either approve your request or they’ll be in touch for a greater conversation.
  3. Your approval notification will include a link for payment of your membership dues.
  4. Once payment is received you are free to update your member profile, submit articles and post events to the community.
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Still have questions? Contact us.

* Terms & Conditions apply.

** Some cost may apply depending on the offered product, service or event.