Kirstie Smallman

Surrender to your Senses!


Kirstie has been dancing and moving all her life and having lived all over the world, has experienced many different forms of physical expression; jazz, ballet, tap, modern, improv, salsa, tae kwon do, tai chi, yoga, ecstatic dance, and musical theatre.

Kirstie has been practicing Nia for 19 years and it has seemed as if her life’s journey has been preparing her for sharing holistic healing movement with others all along! Her philosophy is, the physical body we inhabit is designed as a highly sensitive sensory vehicle offering us guidance through sensations like, pain means stop and change or adjust, and pleasure means keep going and explore! According to Martha Graham, dance is the hidden language of the soul; therefore making time for dancing is allowing time for your soul to communicate… with you, to others, or just for the sake of expression as a way to release, and experience LIVING in a body. Kirstie guides people in her guiDANCE experiences, Nia classes and Chakradance sessions and in one-on-one private settings, with the intention of providing a safe and freeing space to BE, to explore new patterns of movement, to pump the lymphatic system to physically assist the release of toxins from your body, and to emotionally and spiritually connect with Self and others, in a supportive, freeing and expansive space.


Connecting you with your physical sensations - meaningfully, viscerally - to fully emBODY yourSELF; move through any overwhelm by RIDING the waves; splash through to the 'other side' to the clarity and awareness for recognizing your needs and desires.

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