Maximize Health and Longevity Using These Stress Management Strategies

Posted by Judith L. Harrison

Sometimes a word or concept is so over-used that the weight of its essence is diluted to  meaningless ‘noise’. When this happens, we are at the risk of not really listening to the conversation and/ or minimizing the seriousness of the word, concept, phrase…

With our penchant for sound bites we then carry on merrily, speaking and acting as though the conversation really has meaning for us, and with others with whom we find ourselves in conversation.

STRESS is one of those words and concepts. Not only is the word tripping off our tongues way too easily, so too is it that we have almost made it a ‘pride of ownership’ as in ” omg I am sooo stressed…” And wear it like a badge of honour or something like that:)

For a more serious consideration of stress and its ‘devilish’ ways, you might want to sit quietly with a soothing cup of tea and consider the following article.

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